Sometimes a tooth becomes so damaged or decayed that the best way to restore overall oral health is by removing or extracting the tooth. If possible, our dentists will recommend another treatment, such as a root canal, in order to preserve the tooth and restore your oral health. When extraction is necessary, however, our dentists perform the procedure with gentleness so that you have a pain-free experience. Tooth extraction may be necessary if:

• A tooth is significantly infected or at risk for infection
• Another treatment, such as orthodontics, requires the removal of the tooth
• Advanced periodontal (gum) disease and/or decay is present

At our office, we provide both simple extractions, when no bone is removed, and surgical extractions, when some bone needs to be removed for optimal results. Tooth extraction can usually be avoided if good oral hygiene habits are practiced. This includes flossing and brushing at least once every day as well as attending regular visits at Crestway Park Dental in Athens. For more information on extractions or how to maintain optimal oral health, please call our office today.