Dental implants are the most effective treatment available to those who have missing teeth. Dental implants are man-made screws, typically created using titanium, which we place into the jawbone of the mouth. After a healing period of several months, during which the bone and implant bond together, you will return to Crestway Park Dental in Athens to receive an implant restoration (bridge, denture, or crown). When complete, dental implants will:

• Prevent the natural teeth from shifting
• Replace one or more missing teeth
• Restore your ability to chew, speak, and digest normally
• Lend security and support to a bridge or denture
• Enhance the aesthetics and function of your smile

Dental implants are a convenient, effective, and permanent solution to missing teeth. With dental implants in place, you’ll feel back to normal again! To learn more about implant dentistry and how it can help you, we invite you to call our office today. We look forward to helping you!