To protect your teeth and oral health, we can create custom nightguards and mouthguards. Nightguards are used to protect the teeth from bruxism, or night-time teeth grinding and clenching. Custom-made to fit your mouth and teeth comfortably, nightguards will create a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, effectively preventing further tooth damage and decay, headaches, jaw pain, etc.

Mouthguards are used to protect the teeth of individuals who play sports or any physical activities. Our dentists recommend wearing a mouthguard no matter what sport or physical activity that you are involved in so that you can avoid significant trauma and damage to your mouth and teeth.

Nightguards and mouthguards can be very beneficial to your overall oral health. If you are interested in receiving a nightguard or mouthguard, please call or visit Crestway Park Dental in Athens today. We’ll be happy to schedule your appointment to receive a custom preventive appliance.